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Unravelling the normalcy of everyday is challenging.

A predilection for simple forms, surface treatments, basic lines and horizons, corners and edges, is often where visual contrast, encroachment, or interventions can create malleable results over time. Within a mostly urban context, my minimalist viewpoint aims to reduce the visual ‘noise’ and focus the attention.

Whilst humour helps to humanise and make memorable, finding beauty where none is inherent, reminds us to stop and appreciate the super small ordinaries around us everyday, and help harbour a story-line about the place.

Taking slices between the obvious, isolates a tighter view to find calm and clarity. This dissection locates the forgotten or unimpressive and aims to highlight as a new 'hero' away from the confusion. 

I call this 'left-of'-field' viewing, the shift beyond the obvious, and it works at finding a new perspective or a subtle change in vantage point. The result of this shift locates what I call the ‘other.’

The once-hidden are now exposed, and opportunity arises to delve and decode. I prefer to do this through slight nuances rather than grand gestures, such as a shadow which confuses, a reflection which promises, a distressed surface which contrasts, or nature's breakthrough at a crack or crevice.