contemporary urban photography


Copyright © 2018 Steffen Tuck  All rights reserved

I live in Brisbane, Australia.  My training as an architect, naturally lends my eye to the urban landscape, where I look to uncover the hidden or not ‘seen’ elements surrounding us everyday.

My daily walks uncover both the random and the predictable.  I enjoy the density of the inner city, and  I typically explore areas broaching light industrial, central city and, commercial precincts in favour of suburban sprawl. The simple, bland forms offer a blank canvas for the changing light and patina, and odd, unpredictable occurrences.

The challenge for me comes from finding beauty where there is none apparent or inherent.  In the back lanes and alleyways, service yards, car parks, industrial estates, and the neglected built edges offer both opportunity and detail.  These seemingly ordinary scenes allow me to examine the subtleties in a minimal and focused manner.

I enjoy carrying a camera to record this impromptu finds, and to explore and uncover the ‘magic’ or the ‘other - the condition beyond the first impression or the firstly seen - and coax out the sundry and secret.  The changing conditions of light, shadow, and reflection, with seasonal change and weathering, play a role in uncovering the hidden animateur.