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As an architect, I enjoy the urban environment for the unnoticed details in the ordinary and everyday. The lost, random, and unpredictable help to humanise the small and unimportant places and spaces around us.

The inner city where I walk daily offers simple, bland forms on a blank canvas for changing light and shadow-play. The seasonal variations through weathering and patina,and the odd occurrences of human use and misuse, all play a role in uncovering the hidden ‘animateur’. 

Back streets and alleys, service yards, and the neglected built edges are where opportunities exist to celebrate and fine tune a story about that place. Coaxing out the sundry details from ‘hidden’ places in the chaos or embedded behind layers, requires a focus examination, sometimes over many visits, to bring fresh insight to their subtleties.

BIO Steffen resides in Brisbane, Australia.

She is self taught and concentrates her collection of images around the urban street and local architecture. She trained and currently works as an architect in Brisbane on small scale residential and interior design projects. Whilst travelling is a passion, the majority of her images are found locally and explore the everyday and often unremarkable on her daily walks.