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These studies are part of an evolution to unearth behind the urban facade, by concentrating subtlety and delight. 

Regular revisiting on my daily walks allows this evolution to occur and study minute changes over longer periods of time.  As in my exploration to find these results, it may take the viewer several viewings to take in their fullest and finely drawn meanings.  

A mysteriousness or ambiguity is inevitable and raises questions about what we see in the urban environment.  Are we intentionally missing or misreading through laziness or haste?  What is concealed in the minutiae if we stop to appreciate how the transient and inconsistent can enrich and enliven, and perhaps add value to the appreciation of our material world?

Where one notes that daily use, wear, and habitation destroys the pristine aesthetic, I like to embrace the aesthetic of "wabi-sabi" - where transience and imperfection are appreciated- and show this normal disintegration to highlight the small beauties we miss in our hurried lives. These delicate reminders tell of the impermanence of our urban surround.  The beauty lies in the details for me, rather than the bold and clean forms of the architecture.


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